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WF-11 Kiowa Buckboard

WF-11 Kiowa Buckboard Image

Balewolf Photography continues to wants to do something to help the United States Citizens living in Puerto Rico who have felt the devastating impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. At the time of this post 53% of the Puerto Rican population who live in the rural areas of the island have been without power for over 100 days. They are told it will be May before power is restored. Try and imagine what that must be like...for anyone, for American citizens.

When you order a 21.6" x 28.8" photograph of "The Kiowa Buckboard" printed on glass for $225.00, Balewolf will donate $100.00 to Heart to Heart International Charities (highest rated charity) to aid the ongoing efforts in our devastated US Territory and you will receive a ready-to-hang piece of artwork.

Balewolf's goal is to send a minimum of $5000 from the sales of local photography to Puerto Rico $100 at a time. Please share this post with your friends and help us reach and possibly surpass our goal. Order today.

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